The University of Arizona

COVID-19 Notification for the Mathematics Department


If you have recently been in any University of Arizona facility (more than 15 minutes during the two days prior to your positive test result and/or onset of symptoms, whichever occurred first),  AND

have had a positive COVID-19 test, OR

are experiencing symptoms per CDC guidance, OR

have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms per CDC guidance,

please use this form to provide this important information to your supervisor. This will help to ensure appropriate rapid response to minimize the possibility of virus transmission. Your identity will be kept private as outlined below.

Note that this form is only for COVID-19 reporting. If you need accommodation for your assigned duties, please work with your immediate supervisor.


Please click the appropriate category link below to access the reporting form:




Report will be received by:

All Faculty  Post-docs, Instructors, Lecturers, and Assistant/Associate/Full Professors

Douglas Ulmer

All Staff  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Staff, Student Workers

Tina Deemer

All Graduate Students

Math, Applied Math, and Statistics program

David Glickenstein


If you are unable to complete this web form, leave a message or send a text to 520-344-3437 and someone will take your report over the phone.


Explanation of Limited Disclosures:

A positive test will be reported to internal campus units for management of the case, including Campus Health, Facilities Management, Building Manager, departmental leadership, and the SAFER Program, but personally identifying information will not be disclosed to these units without your consent. Your identity will be disclosed to Risk Management Services if a workplace injury report is submitted, and to Human Resources if they are asked to consult on case management. Your colleagues and close contacts will be notified of the occurrence of a positive case in the work area/building/etc., but your identity will not be disclosed. You may choose to notify your co-workers and others of your condition, but the University will not disclose your identity to co-workers and workspace occupants.


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