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The Rick Peet Memorial Scholarship Endowment


This scholarship aims to reward outstanding students majoring in mathematics.  Anyone may gift to this endowment. The endowment that funds this scholarship was established by 1992 by friends and family of Rick Peet, an undergraduate math major, artist, musician, and believer in the social value of advanced science studies. Rick's life was cut short in 1990, before he could enter our mathematics graduate program. 

Application Information

Eligibility: Outstanding students majoring in Mathematics
Frequency: Annual
Amount: Varies
Application Period: Deadline: First Friday in April


A single application is used for the Bunch, Gordon, Graesser, Grogan, Peet, and Pierce scholarships.  

Past Recipients

  • Hang Chen, 2018
  • Lilian Engel, Spring, 2017
  • Yuxin Zhou, Spring, 2016
  • Riley Sullivan, Spring, 2015
  • Jake Hansen, Spring, 2014
  • Alexia Tatem, Spring, 2013
  • Rachel Baumann, Spring, 2012
  • Jarl Haggerty, Spring, 2008
  • Andrew Pyzdek, Spring, 2008
  • Liz Uribe, Spring, 2008
  • Jarl Haggerty, Spring, 2007
  • Sean Howe, Spring, 2007
  • Andrew Pyzdek, Spring, 2007
  • Jennifer Anderson, Spring, 2006
  • Brendan Fry, Spring, 2005
  • Ryan Hatch, Spring, 2004
  • Gabriel Marcus, Spring, 2003
  • Michelle Cobeaga, Spring, 2002
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