The University of Arizona

Dr. Thomas M. Grogan and Candace C. Grogan Endowment Scholarship


In 2016, John and Diane Patience pledged funding to the University of Arizona to honor the work of Dr. Thomas Grogan, professor emeritus of pathology at the U of A and trailblazer in the area of cancer diagnostics.  The endowment will initially be used to fund undergraduate scholarships, and over time is expected to grow and "generate knowledge and cultivate talent, setting a stage that emulates the success of innovators like Grogan and Patience."  (UANews:

A single scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $4000 per academic year.  Applicants must be enrolled full-time, and must demonstrate financial need.

To apply for consideration, students need to submit the following documentation:

1. Completed application form

2.  A current resume (honors & awards, research, teaching, and/or work experiences, service, publications, memberships, and extra-curricular activities), submitted via email to the Math Center:  

Example resumes and useful information for creating your own can be found on the Career Services website:  You are welcome to adapt a sample for your own use.  

Note: scholarship money is disbursed into the recipient's Bursar's account in August, so students who will be May or August graduates this year are *not* eligible to apply.

Application Information

Amount: varies


  • Major:  any undergraduate major within the Department of Mathematics
  • Enrollment:  full-time
  • Citizenship/Residency:  none specified
  • Need:  recipients will be selected primarily based on financial need.  Applicants who have not filed a FAFSA will need to explain their need in the application.
  • Renewal:  may be renewed, provided satisfactory academic progress toward degree is made.  Students must apply for renewal.


A single application is used for the Bunch, Gordon, Graesser, Grogan, Peet, and Pierce scholarships.  

Past Recipients