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Noyce Scholarship


The University of AZ Mathematics Department was awarded a Robert Noyce Award from the National Science Foundation to increase the number of mathematics teachers graduating from the Secondary Mathematics Education Program (SMEP). 

The overall goals of the AZ Noyce MaTh Program are:  (1) To promote secondary mathematics teaching as a viable and engaging career choice for talented undergraduate students in mathematics, and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related fields; (2) To recruit undergraduate students into the STEM teacher pipeline, with an emphasis on academic merit, and to increase the number of SMEP graduates in the Department of Mathematics; (3) To create a sustainable recruitment program for future mathematics teachers that includes significant and substantial experiences to work with middle and high school students; and (4) To enhance our Secondary Mathematics Education Program to prepare future mathematics teachers for excellence in teaching and working with ethnically and linguistically diverse students—in AZ and nationwide.


Application Information

Frequency: Semi Annual
Amount: $10,000/year
Application Deadline: December 1, 2018


  • Major:  Mathematics, Secondary Education emphasis only
  • Class Standing:  Junior or Senior (students may apply at the end of the Sophomore year for support in the Junior year)
  • Renewal:  Students supported in their Junior year who continue to meet eligibility criteria may request renewal for their Senior year.
  • Other:  The Noyce Scholars must commit to teaching for 2 years in a high-needs school district for each year of scholarship support.


Noyce Scholarships for $10,000 are provided for undergraduates in the Secondary Mathematics Education Program in the junior and senior years. The AZ Noyce MaTh program focuses on the recruitment, development and support of mathematics majors in order to address the critical need for highly effective teachers in high-needs schools. The Noyce Scholars must commit to teaching for 2 years in a high-needs school district for each year of scholarship support. This application requires a personal statement and two letters of recommendation. 

Persons writing the letters of recommendation must send the letters directly to

More information is available on the SMEP website:

Past Recipients

  • Joseph Ryan Smiley, Spring, 2019
  • Jacob Warshawer, Spring, 2019
  • Sergio Andrade, Fall, 2018
  • John Brewington, Fall, 2018
  • Paola Chavez, Fall, 2018
  • Madison Crosby, Fall, 2018
  • Kristen Leyva, Fall, 2018
  • Marley Murrell, Fall, 2018
  • Quentin Nolf, Fall, 2018
  • Joseph Ryan Smiley, Fall, 2018
  • Jacob Warshawer, Fall, 2018
  • Sergio Andrade, Spring, 2018
  • Mateo Arredondo, Spring, 2018
  • John Brewington, Spring, 2018
  • Paola Chavez, Spring, 2018
  • Stephanie Lane, Spring, 2018 - (2018 graduate)
  • Stephanie Lara, Spring, 2018 - (2018 graduate)
  • Kristen Leyva, Spring, 2018
  • Marley Murrell, Spring, 2018
  • Quentin Nolf, Spring, 2018
  • Lucas Smith, Spring, 2018 - (2018 graduate)
  • Jorge Stimans, Spring, 2018 - (2018 graduate)
  • Kelsey Timms, Spring, 2018 - (2018 graduate)
  • Sergio Andrade, Fall, 2017
  • Kristen Leyva, Fall, 2017
  • Quentin Nolf, Fall, 2017
  • Lucas Smith, Fall, 2017 - (2018 graduate)
  • Jorge Stimans, Fall, 2017
  • Kelsey Timms, Fall, 2017
  • Stephanie Lane, Spring, 2017 - (2018 graduate)
  • Stephanie Lara, Spring, 2017 - (2018 graduate)
  • Quentin Nolf, Spring, 2017
  • Jorge Stimans, Spring, 2017 - (2018 graduate)
  • Kelsey Timms, Spring, 2017 - (2018 graduate)
  • Stephanie Lane, Fall, 2016
  • Stephanie Lara, Fall, 2016
  • Gerardo Lopez, Fall, 2016 - (2017 graduate)
  • Marvin Portillo, Fall, 2016 - (2017 graduate)
  • Jorge Stimans, Fall, 2016
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