The University of Arizona

Integration Workshop 2017


Each year in August, the department holds a workshop to integrate incoming graduate students into the program. This year the workshop will be August 3-7, 2017. The goals are to:

  • prepare students for core classes by getting them to think about undergrad material from a graduate point of view;
  • establish an esprit de corps among the students;
  • acquaint students with a few faculty and senior grad students.


Lecture series and exercises: (Copies will be provided at the workshop.) The notes and problems will be uploaded shortly before the workshop beings. In the meantime you can find notes and exercises from previous workshops by following the links at the bottom of this page.


  • Incoming students 
    • Omer  Aktepe  
    • Bud Denny  
    • Thomas Doehrman  
    • Rachel Knak  
    • Mohammad Latifi Jebelli  
    • Chloe Ondracek  
  • Senior graduate students
    • Angela Kraft
    • Jun Wang
    • Yan Dai
  • Faculty
    • Bryden Cais
    • David Glickenstein
    • Ibrahim Fatkullin

Previous Integration Workshops