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RTG Mini-Conference Archive

Each year the students participating in a research tutorial group (RTG) present their findings in an RTG Mini-Conference.

2018 RTG Mini Conference: December 6, 2018 (ENR2 S215)

10:00 AM: Jocelyn Rios, Exploring Students’ Conceptualization of Group Actions (Advisor: Aditya Adiredja)

10:25 AM: Chloe Ondracek, Introduction to Calculus (Advisor: Janek Wehr)

10:50 AM: Spencer Nelson, Tate's Thesis and Funtional Equations for Zeta Functions (Advisor: Hang Xue)

11:15 AM: Rachel Knak, Representation theory of GL(2,R) and automorphic forms (Advisor: Hang Xue)

1:00 PM: Thomas Doehrman, Identifying Features in Actigraphy Data (Advisor: David Glickenstein)

1:25 PM: Mohammad Latifijebelli, A convergence theorem of Brownian Motions (Advisor: Janek Wehr)

1:50 PM: Omer AktepeApplication of Transformation Optics in Numerical Analysis (Advisor: Moysey Brio)

2017 RTG Mini Conference: December 7, 2017 (ENR2 S215)

10:00 AM: Fany Salazar, Funds of Knowledge: Games and Mathematics (Advisor: Marta Civil)

10:25 AM: Taryn Laird, Matrix Factorizations Part 1 (Advisor: Doug Pickrell)

10:50 AM: Kyle Priver, Matrix Factorization and Weyl Groups (Advisor: Doug Pickrell)

11:15 AM: Utkarsh Agrawal, Automorphic Representations on GL(2) (Advisor: Hang Xue)

11:40 AM: LUNCH

1:00 PM: Thomas Harris, Connections on Principle Fiber Bundles (Advisor: Sergey Cherkis)

1:25 PM: Alyssa Turnquist, Introduction to Brownian Motion (Advisor: Janek Wehr)

1:50 PM: Robert Banks, Eigenvalues of the Laplacian for Weighted Triangulations (Advisor: David Glickenstein)

2:15 PM: Martin Rysavy, Cardinal characteristics and Tukey connections (Advisor: Jason Aubrey)


3:00 PM: Eric Elert, Computing Brauer Algebras (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

3:25 PM: Madhav Kaushish, Computing Brauer Algebras (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

3:50 PM: Ruiyang Wu, A New Approach to QDA.  (Advisor: Ning Hao)

2016 RTG Mini Conference: December 8, 2016 (MTL 124)

9:30 AM: Spencer Lunderman, Multiple Importance Sampling. (Advisor: Matthias Morzfeld)

9:55 AM: Hannah Biegel, Modeling Quadruped Locomotion: Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

10:20 AM: Lindsay Swift, Three Examples of the Nahm Transform. (Advisor:Sergey Cherkis)

10:45 AM: Anthony Kling, Kedlaya's Algorithm and Point Pounting using Monsky-Washnitzer Cohomology . (Advisor: Bryden Cais)

11:30 AM: LUNCH

1:30 PM: Rachel Oliver, A Nonparametric Two-Sample Test for the Planar Shape Space. (Advisor: Rabi Bhattacharya)

1:55 PM: Kyung Mi Chung, Small mass limit of diffusion in a magnetic field. (Advisor: Janek Wehr)

2:20 PM: Mohamad Moussa, Error Correcting Codes. (Advisor: Marek Rychlik)

2:45 PM: Philip Hoskins, A conductivity problem related to medical imaging. (Advisor: Leonid Kunyansky)


2015 RTG Mini Conference: December 10, 2015 (ENR2 S395)

9:30 AM: Ashley Klahr, Differential Item Functioning. (Advisor: Guada Lozano)

9:55 AM: Brandon Tippings, Sobolev Inequalities for Constant Curvature Space Forms. (Advisor: Lotfi Hermi)

10:20 AM: Jerry Luo, What is the Expected Length of a Longest Increasing Subsequence in a Random Permutation? (Advisor: Sunder Sethuraman)

10:45 AM: Jonathan Ramalheira-Tsu, Projective Representations of the Symmetric Group: Theory and Computation. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

11:10 AM: Austin Nickel, Projective Representations of the Symmetric Group: Theory and Computation. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

2014 RTG Mini Conference: December 11, 2014 (Math 102)

10:00 AM: Matthew Fox, Dirac Monopoles and the Nahm Transform. (Advisor: Sergey Cherkis)

10:25 AM: Rachel Baumann, Structure of the Socle and Radical Series for Projective Indecomposable Modules of Simple Groups. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

10:50 AM: Yan Dai, Smart Kinetic Walk in Simply Connected Domains. (Advisor: Tom Kennedy)

11:15 AM: Amy Been, Preparing Secondary Teachers in Mathematical Modeling through an Investigation of Tree Leaf Areas. (Advisor: Cynthia Anhalt)

12:00 PM: LUNCH

1:00 PM: Brian Bennett, Constructing Matrix Representations of Finite Simple Groups. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

1:25 PM: Angela Kraft, Constructing Matrix Representations of Finite Simple Groups. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

1:50 PM: Jason Quinones, The 2-Dimensional Toda Lattice. (Advisor: Sergey Cherkis)

2:15 PM: Doron Shahar, Modeling Web-crawlers on the Internet with Random Walks on Graphs. (Advisors: Sunder Sethuraman, Shankar Venkataramani)

2:40 PM: REFRESHMENTS, Room 103 (Commons Room)

3:00 PM: James LaVigne, Random Walks and Electric Networks. (Advisor: Sunder Sethuraman)

3:25 PM: William Lippitt, Singular Instantons and Monopoles. (Advisor: Sergey Cherkis)

2013 RTG Mini Conference: December 12, 2013 (Math 102)

10:00 AM: Angie Gonzalez, "Self-avoiding walks in a bounded domain". (Advisor: Tom Kennedy)

10:25 AM: Lanbo Fang, On eigenvalues on Riemannian manifold. (Advisor: Lenny Friedlander)

10:50 AM: Kyle Pounder, Computing Conjugacy Class Representatives. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

11:15 AM: Daniel Rossi, Computing Conjugacy Class Representatives. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

12:00 PM: LUNCH

1:00 PM: Jinjin Liang, Semi-discrete geometric flow of some graphs. (Advisor: David Glickenstein)

1:25 PM: Yuan Tao, Magnetic Monopoles and Nahm Equations. (Advisor: Sergey Cherkis)

1:50 PM: Ryan Coatney, Random p-adic matrices, and Statistics of Newton Polygons I. (Bryden Cais)

2:15 PM: Cody Gunton, Random p-adic matrices, and Statistics of Newton Polygons II. (Advisor: Bryden Cais)

2:40 PM: REFRESHMENTS, Room 103 (Commons Room)

3:00 PM: Sheng-Chi Shih, Modular Symbols Modulo Eisenstein Ideal. (Advisor: Romyar Sharifi)

3:25 PM: Jun Wang, Modular Symbols Modulo Eisenstein Ideal. (Advisor: Romyar Sharifi)

3:50 PM: Jonathan Taylor, Two Features of Symplectic Groups over Characteristic 2. (Advisor: Pham Tiep)

2012 RTG Mini Conference:  December 6, 2012 (Math 102)

1:00 PM: Hyereem Lee, Moduli space of cubic curves. (Advisor: Yi Hu)

1:25 PM:  Ding Ma, An extension of Vandiver's conjecture and 3-dimensional modular symbols. (Advisor: Romyar Sharifi)

1:50 PM:  Shuhui Shi, Splitting primes over a number field. (Advisor: Dinesh Thakur)

2:15 PM:  Liang Wu, Cross curvature flow and RG-2 flow on three-dimensional, unimodular metric Lie algebras. (Advisor: David Glickenstein)

2:40 PM: Break - refreshments in Math 103 (Commons Room)

3:00 PM:  Andrew MacLaughlin, On the Existence of Zsigmondy Primes, and the Killing Form of SU(3,3). (Advisor: Pham Tiep)

3:25 PM:  Stephen Trefethen, On the Existence of Zsigmondy Primes, and the Killing Form of SU(3,3). (Advisor: Pham Tiep)

3:50 PM:  Jonathan Edwards, The Determinant of the Laplacian on the n-sphere. (Advisor: Doug Pickrell)

2011 RTG Mini Conference:  December 8, 2011 (Math 501)

9:00 AM:  Erik Davis, From Harmonic Functions to Harmonic Analysis. (Advisor: John Palmer)

9:25 AM:  Patrick Waters, Continuum limits and the genus expansion. (Advisors: Nick Ercolani & Ken McLaughlin)

9:50 AM:  Denis Osses Johns, Existence and Stability of Semelparous Equilibria of a Darwinian Model.(Advisor: Jim Cushing)

10:15 AM: Refreshments

10:30 AM:  Megan McCormick, Magic Squares and Haar measure on the unitary group. (Advisors: Nick Ercolani & Ken McLaughlin)

10:55 AM:  Joseph Thomas, Computing Submodule Lattices for Group Representatives. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)

11:20 AM:  Tova Lindberg, Enumerating Planar Graphs by Blossom Trees, Part 1. (Advisors: Nick Ercolani & Ken McLaughlin)

11:45 AM:  Michael Phizicky, Enumerating Planar Graphs by Blossom Trees, Part 2. (Advisors: Nick Ercolani & Ken McLaughlin)

12:10 PM:  LUNCH

1:10 PM:  Alex Henniges, Birth of the Giant Component: Analysis of the Critical Phase. (Advisors: Nick Ercolani & Ken McLaughlin)

1:35 PM:  Gleb Zhelezov, Basics of Toeplitz Operators. (Advisor: John Palmer)

2:00 PM:  Jianping Jiang, Weakly self-avoiding walk in the upper half plane. (Advisor: Tom Kennedy)

2:25 PM:  Dylan Murphy, Evolutionary Dynamics and Semelparity. (Advisor: Jim Cushing)

2:50 pm:  Refreshments

3:05 PM:  Matthew Bush, The Theorem that Won the War: How Allied Cryptographers Broke the Enigma Cipher. (Advisor: Bryden Cais)

3:30 PM:  Ronnie Williams, Elliptic Curves I. (Advisor: Bill McCallum)

3:55 PM:  Alex Tao, Elliptic Curves II. (Advisor: Bill McCallum)

4:20 PM:  Leo Maloney, Elliptic Curves III. (Advisor: Bill McCallum)

2010 RTG Mini Conference:  December 9, 2010 (Math 102)

  • Somnath Chakraborty, Algebraic Closure of Power Series Fields.  (Advisor:  Dinesh Thakur)
  • Angel Chavez, The Tropical Grassmannian.  (Advisor:  Yi Hu)
  • Kevin Davidsaver, Irreducibility Tests for KG-Modules.  (Advisor:  Klaus Lux)
  • Cindy Phillips, Combinatorial Manifolds: Bonnet-Myer's Theorem.  (Advisor:  Andrea Young)
  • Kevin Powell, On a Family of Ramanujan graphs.  (Advisor:  Klaus Lux)
  • Leland Schick, A Free Energy Functional for Nematic Liquid Crystals with Polydisperse Lengths.  (Advisor:  Ibrahim Fatkullin)

2009 RTG Mini Conference:  December 10, 2009

  • Dusty Hinkel and Matthew Lafferty, Galois group of p-polynomials.  (Advisors:  Kirti Joshi, Dinesh Thakur)
  • Umar Islambekov, Application of gamma convergence to the gradient theory of phase transitions.  (Advisor:  Shankar Venkataramani)
  • Matthew Lafferty and Dusty Hinkel, Galois group of p-polynomials.  (Advisor:  Kirti Joshi)
  • Thomas Maienschein, Symplectic Geometry and Mechanics. (Advisor: Doug Pickrell)
  • Veronica Marino, An Introduction to 3-manifolds: A Constructive Approach. (Advisor: Andrea Young)
  • Priya Prasad, Data Compression of Sound Files. (Advisor: Marek Rychlik)
  • Amanda Schaeffer, Complex Representations of Finite Unitary Groups and Their Restrictions to Certain Subgroups.(Advisor:  Pham Tiep)

2008 RTG Mini Conference:  December 11, 2008

  • Enrique Acosta, Ranks of elliptic curves over function fields. (Advisor: Doug Ulmer)
  • Geillan Aly, 2-Dimensional Topological Quantum Field Theory.  (Advisor: Doug Pickrell)
  • Michael Bishop, Bounded States of Schrodinger's Equation with Random Potentials.  (Advisor: Jan Wehr)
  • Michael Gilbert, The Infinite Upper Half Plane Self Avoiding Walk. (Advisor:  Tom Kennedy)
  • Yaron Hadad, General Relativity: Numerical Solutions of Einstein's field equation.  (Advisor: Mikhail Stepanov)
  • Martin Leslie, Ranks of elliptic curves over function fields. (Advisor: Doug Ulmer)
  • Nathan Ordansky, The Burnside Ring of a Finite Group. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)
  • Derek Seiple, G-Invariant Binary Self-Dual Codes and their Classifications. (Advisor: Klaus Lux)
  • Shane Passon, Modeling DNA mutation and recombination in neutral fitness scenarios. (Advisor: Joe Watkins)

2007 RTG Mini Conference:  December 6, 2007

  • David Herzog, A Conjecture of Samuel.  (Advisor: Kirti Joshi)
  • Chuan Huang, A Study on Homoclinic Tangles.  (Advisor: Don Wang)
  • Lizhen Lin, Path Integral Method for Time Series.  (Advisor: Juan Restrepo)
  • Chol Park, The Trace and Valuation Maps in p-adic Cyclotomic Fields.  (Advisor: David Savitt)
  • Aleksandar Petrov, A Look at Zeta Functions of a Family of Calabi-Yau Manifolds & Elliptic Curves. (Advisor: Kirti Joshi)
  • Victor Piercey, The Geometry of Polygon Spaces.  (Advisor: Philip Foth)
  • Jordan Schettler, Bernoulli Numbers.  (Advisor: Kirti Joshi)
  • Ryan Smith, The Trace and Valuation Maps in p-adic Cyclotomic Fields.  (Advisor: David Savitt)
  • Matthew Thomas, The Geometry of Polygon Spaces. (Advisor: Philip Foth)
  • Cong Xie, Nonconvexity Causes Trouble. (Advisor: William Faris)
  • Mei Yin, Quantum Scattering.  (Advisor:  William Faris)

2006 RTG Mini Conference:  December 14, 2006

  • Yuliya Gorlina, Symplectic geometry and polygon moduli spaces. (Advisor: Philip Foth)
  • Christopher Jewell (Advisor: Doug Ulmer)
  • John Kerl, The Berezin Integral. (Advisor: John Palmer)
  • Jennifer Leahy (Advisor: Jim Cushing)
  • Andy Lebovitz, An Introduction to p-divisible Groups. (Advisor: Adrian Vasiu)
  • Tommy Occhipinti, (Advisor: Doug Ulmer)
  • Grant Peterson (Advisor: Joe Watkins)

2005 RTG Mini-Conference:  December 8, 2005

  • Abhishek Bhattacharya, Frechet Means and their Estimation. (Advisor: Rabi Bhattacharya)
  • Joshua Chesler, An Aspiring Mathematician Goes Back to Middle School: A Search for Mathematical Depth and Analysis.  (Advisor: unknown)
  • Sarah Hoffman, Random thoughts on Random Matrix Theory.  (Advisor:  Ken McLaughlin)
  • Mel Koppens, Disordered Systems.  (Advsisor: Jan Wehr)
  • Thomas LaGatta, Geodesics on a Random Riemannian Plane.  (Advisor: Jan Wehr)
  • Aisha Najera, Comparison of Symplectic and Riemannian Geometry.  (Advisor:  Doug Pickrell)
  • Yijun Shao, A good compactification of the space of holomorphic maps from P^1 to P^n. (Advisor: Yi Hu)
  • Jefferson Taft, The Compactification of the Module Space of pointed Riemann spheres.  (Advisor:  Philip Foth)
  • Casey Warmbrand, Random Thoughts on Random Matrix Theory.  (Advisor:  Ken McLaughlin)

2004 RTG Mini-Conference: December, 9, 2004

  • Daniel Bartlett, Geometric invariant theory and stability. (Advisor: Yi Hu)
  • Ben Dyhr, Introduction to coherent states. (Advisor: Jan Wehr)
  • Grethe Hystad, The discrete Laplace operator. (Advisor: Daniel Ueltschi)
  • Milos Ivkovic, Achievable information rates for high-speed long-haul optical transmission. (Advisor: Ildar Gabitov)
  • McKenzie Lamb, The state polytope and the secondary polytope. (Advisor: Yi Hu)
  • Predrag Punosevac, The N-body problem. (Advisor: Don Wang)
  • Aramian Wasielak, Infinite geodesics in first passage percolation. (Advisor: Jan Wehr)
  • Brad Weir, Non-uniform hyperbolic dynamics. (Advisor: Don Wang)