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Math Eligibility for Transfer Students, Re-Admits, and Non-Degree Seeking Students

Math Placement:

The information below is for incoming students classified as Transfer students, readmits, non-degree seeking, or UA South. Students attending Freshman Orientation should refer to the freshman math placement website. 

Everything you need to know about the UA ALEKS PPL Math Placement Assessment, Transfer Math Credit, and Math Placement is on this page. Please read this page before emailing or calling the Math Department.  Email is the preferred form of contact so students can get information in writing. 

Please note that transfer students need to click on the Math Link in the Math Placement portion of the Next Steps Center and then REFRESH your CHECKLIST in order for the Math Placement Portion to show as complete.

Math Requirements: Each major at the UA has a specific math requirement set by the major. Some transfer students will complete their requirement prior to attending the UA, while others may need additional courses. Many UA courses have specific math related eligibility requirement that are enforced in the registration system. This includes most MATH courses as well as MCB 181R, CHEM 141/151/161, ENGR 102, PHYS 102, SBS 200, ISTA 116, and other courses. Those requirements could include taking a placement exam, even if you have completed some college level math courses at your previous school.

If you want to take one of these courses, you need one or more of the following: an appropriate UA ALEKS PPL Placement Assessement percentage or appropriate and recent math transfer credit.

UA Transfer students need to find out:

About the UA ALEKS PPL Placement Assessment

  • There is a $26 fee for every attempt at the PPL assessment charged to your UA bursar account. 
  • The test is proctored through an online proctoring service called Examity.  Students need high speed internet, a webcam, and a microphone. Access to Examity is through your Next Steps Center. 
  • Read about the Placement Assessment here. Scores expire after one year.
  • You can review for the Placement Assessment.
  • Scores are processed into the UA system several times a day.  Check Next Steps 12-24 hours after testing. Note that your placement message in your Next Steps Center is based on the requirements for your current major and may not include all courses.  
  • What score do I need to take a particular Math course?  Note that you do not have to take the highest course you place into.  You can take a lower course.  
  • Print and Read before testing document from your Next Steps Center. 
  • Student who need access to screen reading technology for testing should contact the Math Placement Office to access the test. This is not available through the Next Steps Center.  

Do I need to test? 

  • If you are done with your UA Math requirements, you do not need to test.
  • If you have not taken a college level math course and plan to at UA, you need to take the test.
  • If you are not done with your Math (at or below level of Calculus I) requirements and your prerequisite for courses at or below the UA Calculus level (Math 122A+B, 125) was completed more than 3 semesters ago (18 months), you need to take the math placement test.
  • If you have prerequisite credit for an approved Calculus I or higher level course, you do not need to test.
  • Students who wish to take UA MATH 112 must have an appropriate score on the UA Math Placement Test in order to be eligible. Intermediate Algebra is not a prerequisite.
  • PHIL 110 and LING 123 satisfy the foundation math requirement for some majors and do not have a placement test score requirement. Consult your academic advisor before taking one of these courses.
  • A recent college level intermediate algebra course can place students into Math 105, 106, or 107 only.  

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