The University of Arizona

MATH 129 and 223

Note: In person tutoring has been suspended until further notice.

Click the icon below to open Microsoft Teams and access online tutoring.

Students can access the tutoring for MATH 129 and 223 through the MS Teams Calculus Tutoring channel.

The first time you click the icon below you will be prompted to request access (i.e "join the Team") and encouraged to download the MS Teams app. You can choose the browser app if don't want to install MS Teams.

We are usually very quick to approve the access. Once you have been approved, you will be taken to the channel whenever you click the icon below. Once you reach the channel you will see an announcement which lists the hours we have tutoring coverage. (This will be updated as needed)

During their scheduled tutoring hours, faculty reply below the announcement with a link to a Zoom room. You can join the tutoring session by clicking the "Join" link.

You may also wish to consult our list of campus tutoring resources.