The University of Arizona

Undergraduate Research Seminar

The UA Mathematics Undergraduate Research Seminar, MATH 396C, is an exciting opportunity to introduce undergraduates to research and careers in the mathematical sciences.  Several different faculty members will present 1-2 lectures each on research topics/projects in which undergraduates can become involved.  The lectures will be given by experts covering computational, mathematical, physical and engineering aspects of the subject accessible to an undergraduate audience.  Speakers will expose the role of mathematics in the work they do.

The seminar is open to all undergraduates who have completed a course in linear algebra (MATH 313)  or vector calculus (MATH 223).   MATH 396C carries one unit of upper-division elective credit, and is generally offered each Spring.  This course may not be used to fulfill degree requirements for the math major or minor.

Typically, the grading (SPCDE) is based on attendance (50%) and about a five page paper at the end of the semester (50%).  The topic for the paper will be assigned on the basis of interests, skills and background.

For further questions about the seminar, please contact the current URA program