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UTA Testimonials

From UTAs:

  • “Grading homework has shown me how students think and why they think that way.”
  • “I am getting a deeper understanding for the math that I am teaching.”
  • “I like that I'm learning how to teach.”
  • “I learn something everyday.”
  • “I like the flexible hours for grading, tutoring, etc.”
  • “I really like tutoring and doing review sessions (basically, anything where I am dealing directly with the students).”
  • “I enjoy doing the calculus as a refresher; it helps keep me sharp.”

From faculty:

  • “My students benefited from attending my UTA's study sessions.”
  • “The weekly problem session relieves some of the pressure on my office hours.”
  • “[The UTA for my class] prepared a mid-term exam review with problems and solutions which was very helpful.”
  • “It is a big help to have someone responsible grading the homework!”
  • “It is nice to have help when I assign my students something to do at their seats.”

From students assisted by UTAs:

  • “Outside help from tutor was outstanding. This whole TA concept is great and provides us students with one more resource for help”
  • “The UTA offered a different viewpoint and teaching method that made me understand.”
  • “I liked [my UTA's] enthusiasm and willingness to help.”
  • “I liked how well the questions were answered. [The UTA] was very helpful with explanations.”
  • “I liked the help so much that I wanted reviews more than once a week.”
  • “[The UTA] was available for questions and filled in for the teacher when needed.”
  • “This whole program needs to be expanded.”
  • “[The UTA] was very helpful, I was able to work out problems that I would have been unable to do otherwise. He helped me work through the problems, instead of doing the work for me.”
  • “I liked getting help from the same person, who knew what was going on in our class.”
  • “It was nice to have [the UTA] go over questions that slipped through the cracks during class.”
  • “I loved the extra help every week. The UTA made me feel very important.”
  • “I like that they grade homework with informative comments rather than just marking things wrong.”
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