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High-dimensional tensor response regression using the t-distribution

Special Colloquium

High-dimensional tensor response regression using the t-distribution
Series: Special Colloquium
Location: Online
Presenter: Qing Mai, Florida State University

In recent years, promising statistical modeling approaches to tensor data analysis have been rapidly developed. Traditional multivariate analysis tools, such as multivariate regression and discriminant analysis, are generalized from modeling random vectors and matrices to higher-order random tensors (a.k.a array-valued random objects). Equipped with tensor algebra and high-dimensional computation techniques, concise and interpretable statistical models and estimation procedures prevail in various applications. One of the biggest challenges to statistical tensor models is the non-Gaussian nature of many real-world data. Unfortunately, existing approaches are either restricted to normality or implicitly using least-squares type of objective functions that are sensitive to data contamination. Motivated by this challenge, we adopt a simple tensor t-distribution that is compatible with tensor operators and reshaping of the data. We study the tensor response regression with tensor t-error, and develop penalized likelihood-based estimation and a novel one-step estimation. We study the asymptotic relative efficiency of various estimators and establish the one-step estimator’s oracle properties and near-optimal asymptotic efficiency. We further propose a high-dimensional modification to the one-step estimation procedure and show that it attains the minimax optimal rate in estimation. Numerical studies demonstrate excellent performance of the proposed estimators.