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Organizational Meeting

Analysis, Dynamics, and Applications Seminar

Organizational Meeting
Series: Analysis, Dynamics, and Applications Seminar
Location: Online
Presenter: Leonid Friedlander, Chris Henderson and Weinan Wang, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

The Analysis, Dynamics and Applications Seminar will have an organizational meeting January 18, 2022 at 12:30pm on Zoom. If you would like to speak this semester or nominate someone to speak this semester, please attend!  If you cannot attend, you can write to either of the organizers – Chris Henderson ( or Lennie Friedlander ( 

This is the only email this semester that we will send to the entire mathematics department.  If you would like to subscribe to future seminar announcements, please send an email to:

Place: Zoom: 
Password: “arizona” (all lower case)