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What are fellowships, why should one apply, and how?


What are fellowships, why should one apply, and how?
Location: Zoom or Math 402
Presenter: David Glickenstein, University of Arizona

Fellowships are a form of financial support for graduate or
postdoctoral study.  They can come from government agencies
like the National Science Foundation, or from private
foundations.  Compared to teaching positions or research
grants, fellowships offer more time to focus on research,
greater intellectual freedom, potential networking
opportunities, and prestige.

There are many types of fellowships that offer support at
different stages, including early graduate school,
dissertation year, and postdoctoral research.  We will have
a look at some of the key fellowships that fund students and
postdocs in the mathematical sciences and discuss the
application requirements.

Join us on Zoom or in Math 402.  (Presenter will be online but some of us will be in 402.)