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AWM Speaker Series with Sara Del Valle


AWM Speaker Series with Sara Del Valle
Location: MATH 102
Presenter: Sara Del Valle, Los Alamos National Laboratory

AWM will be holding a video conference with Sara Del Valle who will speak on her experiences, her field, and possible opportunities for students. 

Sara Del Valle is a scientist and deputy group leader in the Information Systems and Modeling Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and works on developing, integrating, and analyzing mathematical, computational, and statistical models for the spread of infectious diseases such as smallpox, anthrax, influenza, malaria, HIV, hepatitis C, MERS-CoV, zika, Chikungunya, dengue, and Ebola. In addition, she has modeled the potential effects of mass casualties on the Healthcare and Public Health Sector including resource allocation and dependencies on other infrastructures. Most recently, she has been investigating the role of heterogeneous data streams such as satellite imagery, social media, and climate on detecting, monitoring, and real-time forecasting of infectious diseases.