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Teacher’s Development of Equity Literacy

Mathematics Education Seminar

Teacher’s Development of Equity Literacy
Series: Mathematics Education Seminar
Location: ENR2 S395
Presenter: Rick Orozco, University of Arizona South

Development of teachers’ equity literacy is crucial when attempting to create environments that are inviting to students and optimal learning. Equity literacy relies on teachers’ comprehension of equity and inequity, and the understanding that equitable teachers develop not just cultural proficiency, but also the abilities that contribute to the disruption of inequities. This presentation will introduce the concept of equity literacy and exemplify its utility by describing how teacher discursive practices may create an equitable/inequitable learning environment.

This is a series of NSF Noyce Seminars for the AZ Noyce Mathematics Teaching (MaTh) Scholars Project in Secondary Mathematics Education. (PI: Cynthia Anhalt; Co-PI: Marta Civil; Co-PI: Jennifer Wolfe; Co-PI: Rebecca McGraw).