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D2L Gradebook: Features and Best Practices

Mathematics Instruction Colloquium

D2L Gradebook: Features and Best Practices
Series: Mathematics Instruction Colloquium
Location: MATH 401
Presenter: Cheryl Ekstrom, Dept. of Mathematics

The College of Science is making a push to have all of the courses listed in each college use D2L, and in particular using D2L's Gradebook and Calendar.  This talk will be clarifying what those expectations are, as well as introducing the D2L gradebook in more detail.  Specifically, we hope that you will:

  • get an overview of the D2L gradebook settings

  • get "best-practices" advice about how to maintain your D2L gradebook, 

  • work hands-on to upload grades into D2L

  • learn about integrations with other products (ALEKS, MyMathLab, Gradescope...)

Please feel free to bring a laptop/mobile device to the session to play alongside and ask your questions as they come up during the presentation.
((Refreshments will be served.))