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The CRR, MEAD, and other outreach opportunities

Mathematics Instruction Colloquium

The CRR, MEAD, and other outreach opportunities
Series: Mathematics Instruction Colloquium
Location: MATH 401
Presenter: Brenae Bailey, Dept. of Mathematics

The Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) supports teacher training and education for mathematics teachers in southern Arizona.  One of their biggest events is the annual Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day (MEAD), held in January.  Anyone with experience in teaching mathematics is invited to propose a session to present at the one-day conference (this means you).

Today's MIC will provide an overview of what CRR does, some highlights of past MEAD conferences to encourage you to get involved, and mention of some other outreach opportunities that are available.

(Refreshments will be served in 401N before the talk.)