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Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) in Undergraduate Mathematics

Mathematics Instruction Colloquium

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) in Undergraduate Mathematics
Series: Mathematics Instruction Colloquium
Location: MATH 401
Presenter: Aditya Adiredja, Department of Mathematics

In this presentation, I will share one of my research projects where I engage instructors in learning about CRP. Gloria Ladson-Billings has specified the three foci of culturally relevant teaching: 1) student learning; 2) developing students' cultural competence; and 3) increasing students' sociopolitical awareness. To focus on student learning, I introduced the instructors to Inquiry Based Learning methods for teaching calculus and how to teach from an anti-deficit perspective. The project also helped students and instructors together to develop cultural competence and to increase sociopolitical awareness (the other two foci of CRP) by engaging in critical conversations about race and gender. I will share some preliminary results from the project so far. I will also offer a potential opportunity for new instructors to participate in the project as part of an upcoming grant.

(Refreshments will be served in 401N before the talk.)