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The Measurement Problem and Fully Quantum Collapse

Graduate Student Colloquium

The Measurement Problem and Fully Quantum Collapse
Series: Graduate Student Colloquium
Location: ENR2 S395
Presenter: Dustin Keys
Quantum mechanics is the best description of the fundamental processes on which our theories of physics are based. We will discuss the postulates put forward to try to ground this theory and some potential problems. In particular, we will focus on the measurement postulate which describes how quantum mechanics produces a single well defined outcome from the superpositions of outcomes which are typical.
Resolving problems with this postulate is the origin of interpretations like pilot-wave theory and the many worlds interpretation. We will focus on stochastic collapse models which postulate a classical noise driving a collapse process that ensures unique outcomes on a macroscale.
The classical noise in these models can be made quantum allowing for a fully quantum resolution to the measurement problem. We will discuss some subtleties with this picture and some new ideas that its fully quantum version brings.