The University of Arizona
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B-scaling: a novel nonparametric data fusion method

Special Colloquium

B-scaling: a novel nonparametric data fusion method
Series: Special Colloquium
Location: MATH 501
Presenter: Yiwen Liu, University of Arizona

With the rapid development in science and technology, massive data has been collected from different sources, which leads to a large amount of data with different types and formats, such as the image data and omics data. Each type of the data only captures part of the contained information, and the data has to be integrated or fused to provide a complete understanding of the whole picture.  Thus, there is an urgent call of powerful data fusion method. In this talk, I will introduce a B-scaling method to integrate multisource data. The asymptotic property of the B-scaling method will be discussed to provide theoretical underpinning of the method. The application of the method on epigenetic and biomedical research will be highlighted in the talk.