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Epidemic Spreading on Networks

Quantitative Biology Colloquium

Epidemic Spreading on Networks
Series: Quantitative Biology Colloquium
Location: ONLINE
Presenter: Faryad Sahneh, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

During  the  past  two  decades,  network  scientists  have  demonstrated  that  interaction  among  population members can dramatically influence spreading dynamics.  In networked epidemic models, interactions among individuals are explicitly modeled using a contact network where individuals are the nodes, and possible interactions are the edges of the graph. This talk introduces the generalized epidemic modeling framework (GEMF) that facilitates systematic implementation of a broad spectrum of stochastic spreading processes over complex networks.  GEMF is flexible and scalable to incorporate multiple nodal states and multiple types of interactions between nodes.  A simple-to-use tool, GEMFsim, can numerically simulate any stochastic GEMF-based model. GEMFsim is also highly flexible and scalable due to its optimized data structure. The procedure required for setting up a simulation is simple and systematic and is available in popular programming platforms such as C, Python, R, and MATLAB.

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