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Threefold flops and diffeomorphism groups

Mathematics Colloquium

Threefold flops and diffeomorphism groups
Series: Mathematics Colloquium
Location: ONLINE
Presenter: Gleb Smirnov, ETH Zurich

Abstract: Flops are elementary birational transformations which first appear in dimension 3. They are of great interest in algebraic geometry, as they play a key role in the minimal model program. They are also related to mirror symmetry, symplectic geometry, etc. The first example of a flop, known as the Atiyah flop, was found in Atiyah's paper of 1958. The Atiyah flop, essentially the simplest threefold flop, has many uses in low-dimensional topology. For instance, one can use it to prove that the moduli space of non-polarized K3 surfaces is non-Hausdorf. In this talk, I will show how one can use that flop to study the diffeomorphism groups of four-manifolds. In particular, I will focus on the fundamental group of the group of diffeomorphisms of algebraic surfaces.


This event will be held at 11am.

(Zoom link and password info will be emailed the day of the talk to all@math, or email for more details)