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Dynamics of Virus and Immune Response Network Models

Dynamics of Virus and Immune Response Network Models

Series: Analysis, Dynamics, and Applications Seminar
Location: Math 501
Presenter: Cameron Browne, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana

The dynamics of virus and immune response within a host can be viewed as a complex ecological system. Distinct viral strains compete for target cells, while different immune response variants predate on and compete for the virus population since their proliferation depends upon pathogen recognition. For example, during HIV infection, an array of CTL immune response populations recognize specific epitopes (viral proteins) presented on the surface of infected cells to effectively mediate their killing.  However HIV can rapidly evolve resistance to CTL attack at different epitopes, inducing a dynamic network of interacting viral and immune response variants.  We consider models for the network of virus and immune response populations, consisting of Lotka-Volterra-like systems of ordinary differential equations.  Stability of several equilibria and uniform persistence of distinct viral/immune variants are characterized utilizing a Lyapunov function.   Our analysis provides insights on viral immune escape from multiple epitopes, and more generally, the underlying structure of complex ecological networks.

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