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Agriculture in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities.

Agriculture in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities.

Series: Tripods
Location: ENR 2 S215
Presenter: Dr. David LeBauer, Director of Data Science for the Arizona Experiment Station

Humanity is depending on scientists, engineers, and farmers to provide more food using fewer resources in the 21st century. Almost a third of the earth’s land surface is used for agriculture, so crops and their management have impacts far beyond food production. Changes to which crops are planted and how they are managed can have large impacts on the earth system. Data driven research is enabling new technologies to support the engineering of adaptive, resilient, productive, and responsive agroecosystems. I will describe the software and data that I have been developing to enable transdisciplinary collaboration required to advance this field. Finally, I will share a vision for positioning University of Arizona as a leader in the field of digital agriculture by leveraging current strengths, building new collaborations, and developing solutions that can be shared broadly through the development of open software and data.

Pizza, tea, and coffee will be served starting at 11:20am

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