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Three Powerful Resources in the Department

Three Powerful Resources in the Department

Series: Tools You Can Use
Location: ENR 2 s395
Presenter: Guillermo Uribe & Cheryl Ekstrom

This talk will provide helpful information about the functionality of Analytics, GSuite for Education, and Zoom video conferencing:

  1. UAccess Analytics - presented by Guillermo Uribe. The University keeps an immense repository of data on students, courses, classrooms, majors, etc. that are available to the community. The Math Department already uses data, organized in dashboards or printed reports, to manage operations, students' courses of study, advising, budget, personnel and all other minutiae required of a complex operation. We can use data as well, and we are already, to some extent. He will present a couple of examples of how he uses data to support various operations within the department.
  2. Departmental GSuite for Education - presented by Cheryl Ekstrom. She will show how the GSuite tools (such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Groups) work well together when used properly, and elaborate on some of the finer points that allow them to work seamlessly with each other.
  3. Zoom for video conferencing - presented by Cheryl Ekstrom and Chris Carbone. The university has recently adopted Zoom as the campus video conferencing tool. Cheryl will show how students and instructors can access Zoom on campus (both for D2L and non-class settings). Chris will be available to answer questions about the equipment available for video conferencing in our *new* Zoom Room, ENR2 S375.
  4. (Refreshments will be served.)

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