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# You can't do data science in a GUI

# You can't do data science in a GUI

Series: Tripods
Location: ENR 2 S107 (Tentative)
Presenter: Dr. Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist, RStudio

In this provocatively titled talk I'll attempt to convince you of the
truth of four ideas central to my work:

1. Data science requires programming; a GUI does not provide the power
   necessary to tackle the creative challenges that data science requires.

2. There are huge advantages to code, particularly when you see it as a medium
   of communication.

3. R is a terrific environment for writing data analysis code. It has some
   quirky features as a programming language, but many of the quirks are
   well tailored to the problems of data science.

4. Code should be primary artifact of any analysis, but you might generate
   the code in ways apart from typing it on a keyboard 

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