The University of Arizona

Vladimir Zakharov's 60th Birthday Celebration & Conference — Integrating Integrability into Mathematics and Science

Over the last 30 years the modern theory of integrable systems has proved to be a remarkably effective conduit for transferring models and ideas from physics and applied mathematics to pure mathematics and vice versa. This has been especially true recently as evidenced by the exciting developments in inverse spectral theory, geometry of field theories, statistical mechanics, dynamical systems, coherent structures in nonlinear phenomena, and weak turbulence. The integration of new methods from integrable systems theory into each of these disciplines has been rapid even in those areas where it has had a traditional presence. We feel it would be beneficial to gain a broader perspective on the use of integrable systems theory across these disciplines; to examine parallel developments as well as ways in which ideas from one field could be used in another. We propose therefore to hold a workshop that will bring together researchers who are at the heart of these developments to address issues that transcend their specific disciplines. Talks will emphasize ways in which ideas and methods from integrable systems theory will be relevant to mainstream developments in mathematics and science. These are all areas in which Zakharov's work has been seminal.