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2.12. Mac Mail Setup for Math Gmail

Math IT SupportEmailMac Mail Setup for Math Gmail

El Capitan 10.11 and Sierra 10.12

  • Open the Mail app on your computer.
  • Select Add Account

  • Choose Google

  • Click Continue

  • It will ask you to sign in.  Use your entire Math email address.
  • Click Next and then enter your Math password.

  • It will ask you which apps you want to use.  Choose Mail.  You may also want to choose Calendars.
  • Click Done

Your Math email should now start appearing in the Mac Mail App.

 Mavericks 10.9 and Mail 7.3:

If you see a prompt to add an account when you open Apple Mail, skip to step 5:
  • Open the Mail app on your computer.
  • Select the Mail menu at the top, and then Preferences.
  • Open the Accounts section.
  • Click the + button in the bottom corner.
  • Choose Add Other Mail Account. Click Continue
  • Type your name,your full email address (e.g., and your math password. Click Next.
  • It will tell you that the account must be manually configured, Click Next.
Account Type is IMAP.
Mail server:
User Name is your full email address (e.g.
Password is your Math Password
Click Next
 SMTP Server:
  • User Name is your full email address (e.g.
  • Password is your Math Password

Click Create

 Yosemite 10.10 and Mail 8.2:

System preferences, Internet Accounts, Add Other Account…, 
Add a Mail account, Create…, 
Full Name: 
Email Address:
Password: math password
Account must be manually configured, Next
Account Type: IMAP
Mail Server:
User Name:
Outgoing Mail Server Info
SMTP Server:
User Name:
Password: math password
In Internet Accounts, Click on google account just created
Sign in with your
OS X would like to 
View and manage mail, etc.
Open Mail app
Click on Mail, Preferences…
Port: 993, Use SSL is checked/selected
Click on Account Information
Outgoing Mail Server, Select Edit SMTP server list
Select Server
Select Advanced
Port: 587, Use SSL checked
Authentication: Password
User name:

Remove duplicate server, click on server and select -
Select OK
Make sure is selected for outgoing mail server