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3.2. Department of Mathematics Network Accounts

Math IT SupportMath AccountsDepartment of Mathematics Network Accounts

Who needs a network account?

To use many of our services, you must have a network account. Among other things, this gives you:

Since our servers run Linux, network accounts are sometimes called "Linux accounts"; they are also called "system accounts" or "e-mail accounts".

Usage of e-mail and network accounts is subject to the general university-wide computing policies.

Who can get an account?

All incoming faculty, staff,  postdocs and grad students automatically get a Math account when they join the department.

We also offer accounts to undergraduate math majors engaged in research with math faculty. Other affiliates may also receive accounts by special request. Accounts are created to host websites for departmental groups or projects.

How do I get an account?

Simply contact the support staff with the request. Please include the following information about the person who will receive the account:

Once the account is created, we will use the existing e-mail address to inform the user of their new account name, and ask them to follow these instructions to get started using the new account.

If I leave the department, when will my account be removed?

Please see our account removal page for more information