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3.5. Passwords

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Mathematics Network Account Password Change Procedure:

  1. Click on the following link: change your password
  2. Enter your username (NOT your whole email address) and your current password.
  3. Enter your new password twice.
  4. Click Save and you will get a response confirming that the password has been changed.  

Note: It may take up to 30 minutes for this change to affect your Math GMail password.

Password Rules:

  1. A password must be at least 10 characters in length.
  2. A password must consist of any 2 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or punctuation.
  3. Passwords cannot be dictionary words or dictionary words spelled backwards.
  4. Passwords cannot be dictionary words with an added digit.
  5. Passwords cannot be repeated sequence of a few letters eg: aaabb.

Tips for creating a good password

  1. Mix up the password with letters and numbers and symbols e.g: (!@#$%^&*-=[]{};',./<>)_+.
  2. Change your password regularly and use different passwords for your math account and netid.
  3. If you a going to keep a written reminder of your password, keep it locked or in a wallet.
  4. Never use a password that is simple. E.G.: "password123", "Dragon1", "iloveyou"
  5. Never use a password that would be easy for someone who knows you to guess. E.G.: birthday, maiden name, last name, place of birth
  6. Never use your username as part of your password