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4.10. Scanning to Google Drive from KM-ENR2 and KM-401

Math IT SupportPrintingScanning to Google Drive from KM-ENR2 and KM-401

We have upgraded our PaperCut Software and you can now send your scan jobs to your Math Department Google Drive Folder.

Log in to the copier by swiping your CatCard or using the keyboard.  Choose Scan.

Choose Scan to Google Drive.

Change the settings if you don't like the defaults, otherwise click Start

The machine will scan the documents.  If you have pages to add, click New Scan Document.  Otherwise click Send to upload the file to Drive.

 Be sure to logout when you are finished

NOTE:  The first time you scan, you will receive an email from PaperCut asking you to login to Google Drive for authorization.  When you click on the link, you will get to a screen like this:

Click Allow.  Papercut will create a folder inside your Google Drive called "Scans for Papercut MF"