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7.13. PuTTY - SSH w/ Tunneling

Math IT SupportRemote Access to Math AccountsPuTTY - SSH w/ Tunneling

Start PuTTY By click on this icon:

You will be presented with the PuTTY Configuration window below.

Enter the name of the computer you're creating this connection for. An example would be "". Enter 31415 for the port. Then since we are creating a session we intend to re-use, enter the computer name in the Saved Sessions space as well. Once all that's entered click on the Save button to the right.

Next, click on the plus sign next to the words "SSH" on the left, then click on "Tunnels" from the items that appear below it. That should bring up a window that looks like this:

Enter the Source port of 5900 and the Destination as, where xx is your VNC desktop number. If you don't have one, you'll need to create your remote desktop service. Then click "Add" and make sure that your tunnel settings appear in the box above where you entered them.
Note: Graduate Students will use phoenix instead of dragon.

Next, you need to scroll the "Categories" box on the left back up and click on "Session". You'll be taken back to the first window. Click "Save" here again to save your Tunnel settings to the Session we've created.

Now you can simply click Open, and an SSH connection will be made with a Tunnel from your localhost to the Destination entered above. In the future, when you open SSH, you will be able to simple double click on the server name in the Saved Sessions window to open the connection.