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5.3. Financial Reporting

Business and Financial ServicesGeneral InfoFinancial Reporting

This sections applies to those faculty, post-docs and appointed personnel who have grant activity and/or departmental commitments on which to review and make financial decisions.

The business office performs monthly reconciliation of all UA and UA Foundation accounts. The business office also maintains a database of the departmental commitments, usage and remaining balances. Reports are generally communicated to principal investigators and responsible persons on a monthly basis (in the first week of the following month), and of course, are available upon request.

Monthly grant reports will include an overview of the project-to-date activity consisting of columns for the budget, expenses, encumbrances and remaining balance.  This report will be accompanied by a report of the transactions that occurred in that month, as a PDF from our University system of record.

Commitment reports come from an internal database and consist of the starting balance of said commitment, all transactions that have posted to it and their respective ending balances.

If upon review of your applicable reports you have questions or concerns, please visit the Business Office to review and discuss further.