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2.2. When do I get reviewed?

Faculty ServicesPromotion & TenureWhen do I get reviewed?

A tenure-eligible assistant professor may be recommended for promotion, for nonrenewal, or for other changes in status after annual performance reviews in any year up to the sixth year of tenure-eligible service, or a subsequent year if a time clock delay has been granted. If faculty members go up for promotion and tenure before their mandatory year, they may go up again without prejudice. Exceptions to the timetable for tenure and retention reviews are described in Section 3.3.01.a.

No later than the end of the third year in rank (unless adjusted for any approved delays), tenure-eligible assistant professors will undergo a retention review. 

No later than the end of the sixth year in rank, or a subsequent year if a time clock delay has been granted, tenure-eligible assistant professors will be reviewed for promotion and tenure according to the process in Section 3.3.02. 

An associate professor with tenure may go up for promotion to the rank of professor at any time. Promotion is not required as a condition of continued employment. 

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