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2.4. Take the PPL- How can I take the PPL Assessment to test and/or retest?

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)PPL Assessment (Math Placement Test)Take the PPL- How can I take the PPL Assessment to test and/or retest?

Read and follow STEPS 1-4 below to take the PPL Assessment (Math Placement Test). 


Review Rules & Fees

   Understand the RULES and any applicable FEES:

  • You are responsible for knowing and following the rules.
  • Any suspicious behavior may result in an invalidated test score; may be reported to the Dean of Students.
  • A $26 fee usually applies and is charged to Bursar account, see more here

   Read the PPL and Respondus Quick Guide here before proceeding

  • Test is recorded and reviewed using Respondus
  • 60-90 minute test, but you have up to 3 hours
  • You must complete in one sitting (can’t be paused)
  • You can use an approved calculator (see list here), scratch paper, and writing materials. No other items are allowed.  Make sure you are in a quiet space and turn of any loud music or other noise

   Read the FAQS- You are responsible for understanding all information provided here before proceeding to the test.


Get Materials

   Be prepared with the following:

  • Password for the Proctor: PPLUAMATH21 - Please write this down now.
  • A photo ID is required. (driver's license, passport, or school ID are preferred)
  • Required Technology:
    • Webcam and Microphone. The microphone must be on and we must be able to hear you. 
    • A PC or MAC computer.
      • Students cannot test on a Chromebook. Try to access a PC/MAC to take the PPL Assessment.
    • Disable your pop-up blocker in your web browser.


Prepare to take the PPL Assessment

   Write this password down now:  PPLUAMATH21  (this will be used as the proctor password)

  • Do you have your UA NetID & Password, photo ID, calculator, etc.? (see above for required materials)
  • Take this exam as if you were taking an in-person proctored exam.
    • Your testing session is recorded and reviewed. Any suspicious behavior may result in an invalidated test score; may be reported to the Dean of Students


Take the PPL Assessment   -->

   START THE PPL ASSESSMENT (click here ONLY if you're ready to begin)

  • IMPORTANT- Once you click this link, you are taking the PPL Assessment, which must be completed in one sitting.
    • You cannot restart or pause the test once it has begun. Every test session receives a score. You will want to complete the test session to the best of your ability.
    • This is an ALEKS product and you will be directed to an ALEKS website to take the PPL Assessment. 
    • Make sure you have read through all of the PPL Assessment information and rules in the BEFORE YOU TEST section above.
  • You cannot access the review module until after you have completed your first PPL Assessment. Refer to the AFTER YOU TEST section below to access the review module. 


   General issues? Check our PPL Quick Guide:

   Respondus issues? Check through the information below:

   Expired account? (first attempt was more than 1 year ago) 

  • You will be blocked from testing, and will need to contact the Math Placement Office
  • Note: We will not waive the 48-hour waiting period between attempts



   Visit our Knowledge Base for all Placement FAQs

   Contact the Math Placement Office

  • Include screen captures for any troubleshooting issues.
  • If you are not able to access the PPL Assessment due to an expired account (first attempt was more than 1 year ago), you can request another attempt at the PPL Assessment by contacting the Math Placement Office through the link above. This is not always granted.
  • We have limited in-person testing throughout the Summer. Click here to register for In Person Testing.  You will need to arrow over to one of the testing dates/times, which will appear in Red.