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1.3. MPLF scores for FY students

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We created some new MPLF scores that correspond to college math credit.
In particular:

MPLF 541 means verified Math 107 or statistics credit.
MPLF 641 means verified Math 112 credit
MPLF 661 means verified Math 120R credit
MPLF 810 means verified Math 122B credit
MPLF 810 means verified Math 125 credit
MPLF 820 means verified Math 129 credit
MPLF 830 means verified Math 223 credit

If you think a student should be enrolled in a course,  but was dropped or didn't get it, it may be because
they already have credit that was verified through the Math Placement Office.

Other MPLF scores:
Reminder- MPLF 100 means the student did not have a placement a few days prior to orientation and is a Math 100 placement.  This is required for pre-scheduing of Math 100.

Other MPLF scores that don't look like a SAT score are based on ACT MATH scores. For example, MPLF 647 might look strange, but it is based on an ACT MATH score in the Math 113, 116, 120R score range since is it above 640.   If you see a strange looking score for a FY student, you should just check their math placement in the Next Steps Center proxy or compare it to the placement range here