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3.3. Join the Teams Workspace

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Getting Started in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communications platform used by the Math Department. Communication is organized into different groups called channels. Within channels, users can share information, get answers, and share files and links. Each user can join the channels that are applicable to them.   

MATH Dept Team. As a member of the Mathematics Department, you will be added automatically. If there is a delay, you may click this link, and request to join the team. One of the team administrators will approve the request as soon as you are verified as a department member.  

You can also find MS Teams as part of the Microsoft Suite at (log in with your UA email address, [netid], and it will take you to the familiar webauth page). 

DOWNLOAD THE APP - Microsoft Teams is most conveniently accessed via a desktop app or mobile device app.  Download the Teams app here

LEARN THE BASICS - UAccess EDGE training - MS Teams Essentials