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5.5. Bicycles Are Not Allowed In Buildings

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Please register your bike with UA Parking & Transportation.  We cannot stress enough the importance of this. They can help return your bike if it is ever stolen, on OR off campus!


By University Parking & Transportation's rules, "Bicycles shall not be parked or stored in any University building (e.g. offices, residence halls, classrooms, or parking structures without a bicycle storage facility)."  It causes fire and safety hazards to have them stashed in your office or in our narrow hallways, potentially blocking doors and a clear exit from the building if necessary.  

There are plenty of bike parking fixtures across campus.  If you have a high-end bike, are worried about the security of your bike, or you forgot your bike lock one day, you have some options:





For more information regarding Bike Rules and Guidelines, please read the Bicycle Parking & Traffic Regulations guide.