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5.6. ENR2 S375 - the Zoom Room

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In Summer 2018 the ENR2 conference room S375 was converted to a Zoom Room, with the capability of having a video conference with members participating remotely.  To reserve the room, please use the Rooms Request Form.  The room is equipped with a large monitor hanging on the wall, a wide-angle camera below the monitor to capture all participants in the room, a microphone, and a central console for use with Zoom, as well as a speaker conference phone for a group conference call (not used with Zoom)..

The most obvious change is that there is now an iPad on the table in S375.  This iPad serves as the main console for the meeting in Zoom.  This is where you enter your meeting ID, and can manage the participants or send invites.

Next to the iPad is a sheet of instructions.  Zoom is simple to use, and simple to connect a computer for presentation.

There is a microphone in the center of the table.  It can pick up everyone in the room.  It can also pick up computer audio which leads to mega-feedback if the meeting audio is also played through your computer without earbuds!  (The same can be true if you have the meeting pulled up on a mobile device in that room.)  The microphone is sensitive!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email If you would like to walk through the steps of connecting via Zoom before your meeting, please schedule a time with Cheryl Ekstrom,