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4.6. Scanning and Photocopy Services

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Scanning and Copying Services

The Academic Services Office (Math 108) provides scanning and photocopy services for research, instruction, and administrative purposes.

Due to the large volume of copying and scanning requests, please submit all requests at least 24 hours in advance. (For emergency exceptions, please call 520-621-2682 or come to room 108.)


In general, all course materials should be posted in D2L, rather than being photocopied. If you regularly use handouts in your class and want students to have paper copies, please submit a class notes packet to FastCopy at the beginning of the semester.

Copies from an electronic doc - To request copies from the Math department, complete the Copy Request Form  The copies will be placed in your mailbox, and we will e-mail you.

Copies from a paper doc - If the original is on paper, complete a pink paper "Work Request Form" (available in the Academic Services Office, Math 108). The copies will be placed in your mailbox.

Other Copiers - It is always best to have documents printed in Math 108.  However, sometimes you just need a single copy to edit, or to take to a meeting.  For very small jobs, there are printers available in Math 401N and ENR2 3rd floor lobby. These printers have quotas though, so beware--a two-sided document counts as 2 copies! For more details, see this article about the Math 401N/ENR2 printers.



Gradescope Scanning - There are two Gradescope scanners in Math 108. Please scan your documents yourself and complete the Gradescope scan log. The office staff will share that file with you electronically and email you.

Other scanning - Complete a pink paper "Work Request Form" (available in the Academic Services Office, Math 108). The scanned document will be e-mailed to you, and the original placed in your mailbox.