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6.2. Calendars: Semester Calendars / Semester on a Page

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Important Registration Deadlines and Holidays

for regular semester courses (Jan 10 - May 1, 2024)

dynamically dated courses (such as Math 122A/B, 120R, 196L)

and 7-Week courses, including AZ Online

see below for Fall 2023


These are shown using Google calendar (with instructions to add this calendar to your own Google account at the bottom of the page). There is also a downloadable PDF for each.

Please note that some of the religious holidays start at sundown on the day before it is listed in the calendar, so if you have a late afternoon class, this may affect some students.

If you see any errors, please send an email to


** If you cannot see these calendars below, try using Google Chrome **

Regular Semester Calendar - Spring 2024 (Jan 10 - May 1, 2024)

Semester On A Page Spring 24 - Regular [PDF]





Dynamically Dated Semester Calendar - Spring 2024

Semester On A Page Spring 24 - Dynamic [PDF]




7 Week Semester Calendar - including AZOnline - Spring 2024

Semester on a Page Spring 24- 7 Week - pdf




Fall 2023

Semester on a Page Fall 23 - pdf



Want to add these Google Calendars to your own Google account?

Log in to your math account at  You should see above your list of "My Calendars" a space to add other calendar: 

Where it says "Other Calendars", click the + sign, then click "From URL"

Then paste in the following for each of the calendars above:

Regular Semester Calendar:

Dynamically Dated Calendar:

7 Week Calendar: