The University of Arizona

Undergraduate Award Recipients

Were proud of all our undergraduates but these students have been recognized for their hard work and dedication to Mathematics. 

Click here to view the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Awardees Slide Show with student biographies.




Congratulations to Zijie Chu, who has been selected as the Outstanding Senior for the Department of Mathematics for Spring 2022!

Zijie graduated from the University of Arizona with a double major in Mathematics and Statistics & Data Science (SDS). During her undergraduate studies she performed data related projects as well as gained teaching experience. She discovered her interest in Math during her undergraduate career and chose to continue to further pursue it.




Lane Lewis has been selected to receive the Excellence in Undergraduate Research award from the Department of Mathematics for 2022. After graduation he will be doing a joint PhD in Statistics and Neural Computation at Carnegie Mellon where he plans to work on building more effective and responsive neural prosthetics.

Lane’s research has spanned computational neuroscience, statistics, and computer science with professors Calvin Zhang-Molina, Kevin Lin, and Robert Wilson where he did neural population modeling, constructed a novel deterministic CUR matrix decomposition, and built a platform for reproducible online psychology experiments. 


For more information please visit our complete list of Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards