1. Breuil-Kisin modules via crystalline cohomology (with Tong Liu) (pdf)

  2. Dieudonné crystals and Wach modules for p-divisible groups (with Eike Lau) (pdf)

  3. The geometry of Hida families II: Λ-adic (φ,Γ)-modules and Λ-adic Hodge theory (pdf)

  4. The Geometry of Hida families I: Λ-adic de Rham cohomology (pdf)


  5. On F-crystalline representations (with Tong Liu)
    Documenta Mathematica, 21 (2016), 223--270. (pdf)

  6. A characterization of strictly APF extensions (with Chris Davis and Jonathan Lubin)
    J. Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux, to appear. (pdf)

  7. Canonical Cohen rings for norm fields (with Chris Davis)
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  8. On the Up-operator in characteristic p
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    Erratum to Appendix D.

    Ph.D. Thesis

  13. Compatibilities, correspondences, and integral structures in p-adic cohomology.
    The University of Michigan, 2007, supervised by Brian Conrad. (pdf)

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