Selected excerpts from anonymous McGill student comments on Math 133 (Vectors, Matrices and Geometry), December 2008

An exhaustive list of complete student comments for Math 133 is available here.    Performance statistics and evaluation data are here.

“ Excellent teacher who REALLY cares about his students[...] ”
“ Interesting topics, great professor. ”
“ This is the best math class I have taken at McGill, but only because of the teacher (Cais). ”
“ The teacher knows how to make us understand, how to reach us, in his own way. ”
“ Give Bryden a promotion or something! He's the best prof I've ever had hands down and I have taken 4 years of full-time courses. He really knows how to make people understand and every prof should learn from him. ”
“ Bryden Cais is easily the best professor I have had at college. He is a phenomenal professor, and appears to care deeply about his students. He teaches with great clarity, and as far as I can tell is a complete genius. ”
“ He turns a course that could be boring into an entertaining class. ”
“ I have seen a few other professors teach this course and Professor Cais is easily the best I have seen. ”
“ He was very clear, concise, and easy to understand. He explained the material thoroughly and effectively. ”
“ Great lectures, the teacher makes you want to learn. Even a not so funny subject is made accessible and interesting to come... I guess the additional people that came and stayed up to follow the class is a sign that this teacher is simply GREAT. ”
“ amazing teacher; very helpful and encouraging ”
“ He explained the topics really well and consistently gave helpful, relevant examples, while still being interesting enough to pay attention to the whole class. I didn't even fall asleep once. ”
“ Despite the quality of the course, Bryden Cais is an excellent instructor. His methods of teaching and explaining things are well thought out and given at a level that the students can understand. He takes the time in class and out of class to answer any questions and help the students with any problems they may have. He even uses some of his personal time to organize a tutorial for our class on Monday nights, which has proved very useful to understanding the material. His enthusiasm and humour in class make the lectures enjoyable, and his dedication to the course and his students is evident in his teachings. Overall, Bryden Cais is an excellent instructor. ”
“ Always available for help! Although i don't like the course material, this instructor is by far the best professor i've ever had. ”
“ A very clear and concise instructor. Explains course materials well. Is patient and willing to explain a concept numerous times until students are able to grasp it. ”
“ He is excellent at explaing and laying out ideas. Is able to teach in a very linear fashion which results in great notes and understanding. Clearly puts great effort into his teaching and really wants each student to do well. ”
“ Professor Cais is an outstanding teacher. He explains all concepts clearly, and will not stop explaining until he feels that everyone in the class has an accurate understanding of the discussed concept. ”
“ Best professor I've had so far, probably going to be one of the best I will ever have. ”
“ Amazing. Simply amazing instructor who can explain everything perfectly. ”
“ Bryden is an extremely enthusiasic and caring professor. He really commits himself to the success of his students, which is something that is really lacking in every one of my other professors. There should be more professors at McGill who comply with the generosity of Bryden. ”
“ Wow, what a great teacher. He was so excited about math and just got so angry about it. Really a cool guy too. He made me care about the philosophy of math and all the abstract concepts related to our material. He changed my mind about math. Awesome! ”
“ He is very passionate about teaching and he is young and cool (if that helps!) and he is very concerned about his students and his teaching methods. He is also thorough and very easy to interact with-meaning he listens to all questions of students and tries to answer all of them. ”
“ Very passionate professor. He involves students and does all he can to help them understand his material. I personally think he should be teacher a higher level of linear algebra as i felt amny students in this class were not able to fully appreciate his capacities due to the relatively "low" level of the course ”
“ Probably the best math prof i have had so far at mcgill. ”
“ I've found that Bryden is well spoken and enthusiastic about the subject matter, easily to listen to and easy to follow. He will often repeat things and answer in depth any questions the students have. ”
“ Overall, he is one of the best math teachers/profs i've ever had, and a very approachable guy[...] ”
“ The professor's enthusiasm over this course was really contagious and it helped me develop an interest in this course as well.Moreover the professor always welcomed questions no matter how trivial they were and he always encouraged us, saying that the questions were important and insightful. He also gave us an idea of how to think in an abstract level.At the same time, he also cited examples to show how what we were learning about linear algebra could be applied in/related to real life. ”
“ Not only was professor Cais available outside of class, he strongly encouraged students to come. Many professors give off a vibe that office hours are a burden to them and only have them because they are obligated to. Professor Cais shows that he really cares about teaching and makes seeing him outside of class very easy by not only having two days of office hours but also a voluntary tutorial. ”
“ He was rediculously available, any time i needed to meet with him (even outside of office hours and tutorial) he was extremely helpful and available ”
“ Bryden was more available than any other prof I've ever had, and on top of that, he put more free time into extra tutorials and review sessions than every other prof and tutor i had this term, combined. He is the most dedicated prof i've ever had in terms of this. ”
“ I really would like to nominate the instructor for a teaching award because he shows that even if he is a young teacher he got all the abilities to make us understand everything. ”
“ He is the most helpful and friendly teacher i have come across at McGill. Not only is he crystal clear on what he is explaining but he encourages questions and works with the class. All in all Bryden Cais is an excellent teacher. ”
“ Definitely deserves an award. I have never seen teaching of this quality. He does everything right that a professor should do, and he really makes you understand. Great job! ”
“ [...]he is an extremely helpful, delightful, well prepared professor. ”
“ I would like to nominate the instructor for a teaching award. He goes above and beyond the expectations of a professor. Professor Cais shows his determination to teaching by providing extra tutorials, plenty of office hours (which he strongly encouages students to come to), and clear well oganized lecturs. He is by far the best math professor I have had a McGill. ”
“ I would like to nominate the instructor for a teaching award. This professor was completely devoted to his teaching. [...] Bryden Cais is the best mathematics professor I have had at McGill. ”
“ Definitely. I enjoy every single math class, and even if my grade on the finals is not that high, it can't be his fault. Enthusiastic, smart... what can I say? Great teacher, one of the best i've had so far. One more, linear algebra is not necessary the funniest subject to study, but with him it gets interesting, and you want to sit in his class. Clear explanations, available and open to any suggestions. As long as you work, everything is understandable, and if you still don't get it, his office hours are great for questions. Great great great teacher***** ”
“ Professor Cais is a perfect (or almost) teacher for this subject. He tries to make things as clear as possible even though it's abstract and difficult for everyone to understand; he answers any question in a great way. As a U0 course, he is very friendly with us and makes learning linear algebra fun! I personally enjoyed his class. ”
“ I took three math courses this fall, and he's the best teacher I had this semester. His explanation are clear, the words he uses are clear. He's very available to his students. He has a great personality too, he makes jokes etc during the lectures. ”
“ He always gave very clear and detailed instructions, and was always willing to help. Made this class much more interesting and easy to understand. There was never any space to sit in the class because everyone in math 133 wanted to be in this class. ”
“ [...]he was definitely best professor I've had so far. ”
“ [...]Prof Cais is the best math professor I've had at McGill. ”
“ Very enthusiastic, loves what he is doing, cares about his students ”
“ Clearly Bryden Cais is an extremely gifted instructor and I would take any class taught by him. ”
“ [...]He is one of the nicest professor. He makes learning Math a little less painful and fun although the concepts are still tough to grasp sometimes. He is one of the best professors I've ever had. ”
“ Bryden Cais is one of the best teachers that I have had in my entire life. ”
“ Best instructor at McGill. ”
“ I would like to nominate this instructor for a teaching award because he revived my love for mathematics. He thought the course content thoroughly and with enthusiasm. He seemed to really care that we understood the material and enjoyed the class. Bryden Cais made me want to come to class (as well as many others not even registered in the class). He created a tutorial outside of class on his own time and would stay late after every class answering questions. He is definitely the best mathematics professor I have ever had. ”
“ [...] The award for prof i want to drink with most. ”
“ Bryden deserves a teaching award solely on his enthusiasm for the subject of mathematics and for his generosity towards his students. If every professor in Mcgill was like Bryden, the tutoring business here would go down the drain quickly. ”
“ [...]He was favourite instructor for this semester and I enjoyed going to his classes and felt like I was learning a lot. ”
“ He is a excellent teacher with a great sense of humor as well as a great range of decent professional knowledge. He contributes a lot to students and does his utmost to ensure everyone's success. ”
“ Prof. Cais' way of teaching is definitely one of the best I've seen especially for a complicated subject like math. He presents the course material clearly, backed up with examples that are designed to show the key points of the concept. His lecture talk flows well and he's always ready to help students whether during or outside of office hours. The fact that he started up a tutorial to go through more example questions that the class themselves pick is evidence of this. Most of the other students I know who also take this course, but with other professors ended up leaving their lecture slots to come to mine because they all heard that Prof. Cais' teaching was both more interesting and informative. That is definitely justified in my opinion and towards the end of the semester, we had people who had to stand up during our lecture cause there weren't enough seats for the new 'incoming' students. ”
“ he is the most qualified Algebra prof McGill will ever take on staff. Bright future for himself, and his students ”
“ Mr Cais is one of this very rare teacher who is able to transmit his interest for mathematics to students. Combine that with a very effective communication with students, a great way to present mathematics, and a strong sense of humor: you have a teacher that every student wish to have. ”
“ He is very charismatic that it made the whole class to be attentive. There are a lot of students from other slots of classes that attend the class and the class is always full. he has the ability to make people understand and actually have some interest in math ”
“ The professor made the course very interesting. If it were not for his clear instructions and additional help during tutorials and after-class, I would have found this course quite difficult and frustrating.He should be recognized for his brilliant job. ”

Selected excerpts from anonymous McGill student comments on Math 223 (Linear Algebra), December 2007

An exhaustive list of complete student comments for Math 223 is available here.    Performance statistics and evaluation data are here.

“ Truly a wonderful instructor, clear, helpful, doing everything for his students... McGill should really consider keeping him at any cost! I don't know how an instructor could be better than him. ”
“ engaging. ”
“ Fantastic instructor! I wish he taught all of my math classes! Very logical and engaging. I for one appreciate the time he spends proving the theorems stated. Very helpful outside of class. One of the few math courses I've taken where I've found lecture valuable and enjoyable. ”
“ Prof. Cais is indisputably one of the best math teachers I've had. He is always dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate about what he teaches. He is more then willing to go out of his way to answer any question, even if it is unrelated to the course content (during office hours). He would also often come back to a student during a subsequent lecture, to reformulate an answer to a question about which he was not satisfied of the answer given. ”
“ By far the best instructor I have had in my 6 semesters at McGill (potentially with the exception of Syd Trudeau). He was always agreeable and energetic for our morning class. He not only covered the material but also liked to point out multiple methods for problem solving that could be applied, allowing for great developments in thinking about the problem and the best route to the answer. ”
“ Bryden Cais is a very passionate lecturer, which makes topics more relevant and interesting. Usually I think, if the prof doesn't seem to care about this topic, why should I? That is certainly not the case in this course. Bryden is always very passionate and gives very interesting anecdotes and examples of application about any given topic we discuss. Any question asked is answered concisely and completely until the student has no more confusion, and even if the question seems silly, Bryden is exquisitely good at justifying the importance of every question raised in class. ”
“ Great teacher. Comprehensive both in and out of class. ”
“ This Instructor is probably one of the best I had. He's nice, clear, explains well and knows how to get the attention of the class. Wish I could have him as a teacher again soon. ”
“ He's really a good instructor, and should do more lectures, because his classes are really well-made and useful for everyone. He's always keeping us interested in what he's teaching. A great career awaits him. ”
“ [...]I was very happy to have Bryden Cais as my teacher and I'm sure the rest of the class was too. ”
“ Very motivated, incredible athmosphere in the class. One of the few ( only?) classes at McGill I woke up a 9 AM to attend. ”
“ Fantastic instructor! I wish he taught all of my math classes! Very logical and engaging. I for one appreciate the time he spends proving the theorems stated. Very helpful outside of class. One of the few math courses I've taken where I've found lecture valuable and enjoyable. ”
“ Very fun, very enthusiastic; great professor! ”
“ Excellent teacher! ”
“ He was the best professor I've had this semester. His lectures are very clear and easy to understand. ”
“ I really enjoy the high energy levels of your lectures, and the transparency as well. If you make a mistake or forget something, you say so, which makes for a more comfortable atmosphere, where I am not afraid to say when I have no idea what is going on. Your answers to other people's questions regularly help me understand the concepts more clearly and are usually enjoyable to hear since you go into so much detail. Your class is early in the morning, inside a dusty, windowless room in the basement of Burnside, and yet I still look forward to it. As far as constructive criticism: work on not breaking chalk all the time, and keep up the good work. ”
“ a very good teacher. very clear, very helpful and very understanding! fun to be in his class!!! ”
“ Great prof! ”
“ Best teacher I had yet! Keep up the good work! ”
“ Professor Cais was a very good instructor. He gave clear, straghtforward lectures, has no problems with clarity of speech, volume, bad chalkboard writing etc. He made himself amply available outside of class time to answer questions, both course related and extra- curricular. I can think of no suggestions for improvement. ”
“ Great clarity, and helfulness. Definitely, I recommend him, and if I can in a further course, I will take him again. ”
“ YA. bryden cais. what a wonderful guy. giving up his mondays to make us learn (very generous office hours and does tutorials just because he cares) ”
“ Students from the other section always came to this classs, they much preffered Cais as a teacher. ”
“ I am pretty sure Bryden Cais once moon-walked from one end of the board to the other while transcribing a matrix. Enough said. ”