Christopher Henderson

University of Arizona

Department of Mathematics
617 N. Santa Rita Ave
Tucson, AZ 85721

Office: Math 601
E-mail Address: ckhenderson [at]
Phone: (520) 621-6876


I am currently an assistant professor at the University of Arizona. Previously, I was an LE Dickson Instructor at the University of Chicago and a LabEx MILYON post-doc at UMPA / ENS de Lyon. Before that, I was a graduate student at Stanford University of Lenya Ryzhik.

My CV can be seen here and my Google scholar page can be seen here.

Research Interests
Broadly my research is in applied analysis and partial differential equations for physical and biological models. More specifically: front propagation and long–time dynamics of solutions of PDEs that arise in biology, engineering, physics and the social sciences such as the Fisher-KPP equation (and various related reaction-diffusion or kinetic-reactive models) and stochastic and deterministic Hamilton-Jacobi equations. I have also recently become interested in the regularity, global well-posedness, and qualitative behavior of solutions to kinetic equations (e.g. Landau and Boltzmann equations) and conservation laws.

Publications and Preprints
By Subject: (Note: some overlap between subjects)
Chronological order:
  1. [arxiv] Local solutions of the Landau equation with rough, slowly decaying initial data, with Snelson, Tarfulea (submitted)
  2. [arxiv] Non-local competition slows down front acceleration during dispersal evolution, with Calvez, Mirrahimi, Turanova (and numerical appendix by Dumont) (submitted)
  3. [arxiv] Brownian fluctuations of flame fronts with small random advection, with Souganidis (submitted)
  4. [arxiv] [journ] Local existence, lower mass bounds, and a new continuation criterion for the Landau equation, with Snelson, Tarfulea (J Differential Equations, to appear)
  5. [arxiv] The Bramson delay in the non-local Fisher-KPP equation, with Bouin, Ryzhik (Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Anal. Non Linéaire, to appear)
  6. [arxiv] Propagation in a Fisher-KPP equation with non-local advection, with Hamel (submitted)
  7. [arxiv] C^\infty smoothing for weak solutions of the inhomogeneous Landau equation, with Snelson (submitted)
  8. [arxiv] [journ] The reactive-telegraph equation and a related kinetic model, with Souganidis (NoDEA 2017)
  9. [arxiv] [journ] Thin front limit of an integro--differential Fisher--KPP equation with fat--tailed kernels, with Bouin, Garnier, Patout (SIAM J. Math. Anal., 2018)
  10. [arxiv] Super-linear propagation for a general, local cane toads model, with Perthame, Souganidis (Interface Free Bound., to appear)
  11. [arxiv] [journ] Influence of a mortality trade-off on the spreading rate of cane toads fronts, with Bouin, Chan, Kim (Comm. Partial Differential Equations, to appear)
  12. [arxiv] [journ] The Bramson logarithmic delay in the cane toads equation, with Bouin, Ryzhik (Q. Appl. Math. 2017)
  13. [arxiv] [journ] Super-linear spreading in local bistable cane toads equations, with Bouin (Nonlinearity 2017)
  14. [arxiv] [journ] Ricci curvature bounds for weakly interacting Markov chains, with Erbar, Menz, Tetali (Electron. J. Probab. 2017)
  15. [arxiv] [journ] Super-linear spreading in local and non-local cane toads equations, with Bouin, Ryzhik (J. Math. Pures Appl. 2017)
  16. [arxiv] [journ] Propagation of solutions to the Fisher-KPP equation with slowly decaying initial data (Nonlinearity 2016)
  17. [arxiv] [journ] Equivalence of a mixing condition and the LSI in spin systems with infinite range interaction, with Menz (Stoch. Proc. Appl. 2016)
  18. [arxiv] [journ] Stability of Vortex Solutions to an Extended Navier-Stokes System, with Gie, Iyer, Kavlie, Whitehead (Commun. Math. Sci. 2016)
  19. [arxiv] [journ] Population Stabilization in Branching Brownian Motion With Absorption, (Commun. Math. Sci. 2016)
  20. [arxiv] [journ] Pulsating Fronts in a 2D Reactive Boussinesq System, (Comm. Partial Differential Equations 2014)
  21. [pdf] Propagation Phenomena in Reaction-Advection-Diffusion Equations (PhD Thesis) (NOTE: All work presented in this thesis is now also contained in other published work)


A long time ago (at the beginning of grad school), I wrote up a short proof that measurable functions that are additive on the rationals are additive on the reals. Since it has been referred to a few times on MathOverflow posts, I have been asked to continue hosting it. Here is it.