Tina Deemer

Director of Academic & Support Services
Department of Mathematics
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

Office: Math Bldg, Room 209
Phone: 520.621.4765

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Math Department Resources: Math Course Information: Resources for Instructors:
Fall 2016 Math Schedule
Teaching assignments for all math classes for the current semester.
Math 109C & 112
UA Algebra home page. Get course policy, syllabus, study aids, etc.
Code of Academic Integrity
Learn about the Code of Academic Integrity. Links to Record of Faculty-Student Conference and template violation letter (Word doc).
UA Important Dates
UA calendar of important dates and deadlines for current semester.
Math 111
UA Trigonometry home page. Get course policy, syllabus, study aids, etc.
Student Code of Conduct
Information about the Student Code of Conduct policies and procedures. Link to the Dean of Students official complaint form.
Important Dates for Classes with Non-Standard Start-Stop Dates
Look up important deadlines for any course with start/stop dates different from the typical semester dates.
Math 120R
UA Precalculus home page. Get syllabi, suggested homework, and study aids.
Create a UA Net ID
A UA Net ID is needed in order to access a variety of services, such as class rosters, payroll information, etc.
Math Department Tutoring
Information about Math Department tutoring for all levels, and links to tutoring information across campus.
Math 122A-B/125/129/223
UA Calculus home page. Get syllabi, suggested homework, and study aids.
You'll need a UA NetID to use this web page to access your class roster, perform admin drops and submit final grades.
Instructor Resource Manual
Information about University and department policies and procedures for instructors and students.
Math 163/263
Lower level statistics home page.
UA Classroom Database
Go here to get information about UA classrooms - room capacity, equipment, etc.
Math Department Computing
Information about email, networks, facilities, etc. for math department personel.
Calculator Programs
Calculator programs for calculus students.
Request a D2L site
Go to this page to request a D2L site for a course you are teaching.
Math Placement
Information about the Math Placement Test, transfer credit, course prerequisites, etc.
UA Schedule of Classes
Check availability of classes.
    Think Tank Tutoring
Free and fee-based tutoring for a variety of courses on campus, including math courses through Calc II.