Data Set for CHAPTER 1

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Conduct the following experiment using either a VCR or a tape deck equipped with a digital tape-counter. Put a tape in the unit, set the tape-counter to zero, and, as you start the tape playing, note the time. Then record the time every 5 to 10 minutes along with the number on the tape-counter. This data set was obtained in this way. It shows the number of revolutions—the number on the tape-counter—(second column) as a function of time in seconds (first column).

[image of tape.dta]
1st col 2nd col
0 0
360 525
720 985
1080 1395
1380 1709
1680 2003
1980 2278
2280 2540
2520 2741
2820 2982
3120 3214
3420 3436