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-  What is CASIE?
-  Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs, about CASIE.
-  The CASIE help screens.
-  Download CASIE III, Version 1.01a (200K). Last updated 11/7/98.
-  Download the latest Lost Person Behavior (11/6/98) and Form (6/29/93) files. (These files are already contained in CASIE III Version 1.01a.) After downloading these files, unzip them into the CASIE directory.
-  Read updates of past articles that we wrote for the NASAR (National Association For Search And Rescue) magazine, Response.
-  Read the article, Desert Searches: Effectiveness of Helicopters, written in 1981 and now out of print, describing the experiments that tested the effectiveness of helicopters in desert searches.
-  About the authors: John Bownds, Mike Ebersole, David Lovelock, and Dan O'Connor.
-  Useful links.
-  Thanks to people and organizations.
-  Site Map.

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