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Data Files

We have online the data files used in the text Exploring Differential Equations via Graphics and Data, by David Lomen and David Lovelock (Wiley 1996), and the Arizona Mathematical Software program Twiddle. They are listed here by properties. The data sets can be seen graphically and then downloaded individually, or you can download all the datafiles at once in the form of a tar file or a zip file.

Data Sorted by Properties

| Decreasing, Concave Down | Decreasing, Concave Up | Increasing, Concave Down | Increasing, Concave Up | Increasing, Decreasing, Concave Down | Increasing, Decreasing, Concave Up | Increasing, Linear | Increasing, Sigmoidal |

Decreasing, Concave Down

CUBICThe period of a cubic oscillator for different initial amplitudes.

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