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Increasing, Concave Down

CYNTHIACynthia's approximate height from age 1 to age 12.
PORSCHEThe velocity of an accelerating Porsche 944 Turbo as a function of time.
PROBEA student held a temperature probe firmly between her thumb and forefinger while the temperature of the probe was recorded. This shows the temperature as a function of the time.
SMSA spring-mass-spring system with various masses was allowed to oscillate with no friction or gravity. This shows the period in of the oscillations as a function of the mass.
STURGEONA biologist measured the length of a sturgeon over a 21 year period. This shows the length in centimeters as a function of the time in years.
TAPEConduct the following experiment using either a VCR or a tape deck equipped with a digital tape-counter. Put a tape in the unit, set the tapecounter to zero, and, as you start the tape playing, note the time. Then record the time every 5 to 10 minutes along with the number on the tapecounter. This data set was obtained in this way. It shows the number of revolutions - the number on the tapecounter - as a function of time in seconds.
WARMThe rise in temperature of the earth from the 1860 figure as a function of time since 1900.
WATERThe movement of the wetting front as a function of time.

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